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We put together a video overview of a 3D Animation we worked on for a permanent installation at the Perth Mint in Western Australia. The project is called The Wonder of Gold – a 10 minute 3D animated film displayed on a 12 metre x 1.8 metre wrap-around screen in one of the Mint’s new exhibits.

Check out the tutorial (video and text versions) by following this link!

New Tutorial and Project Overview – RealFlow Dspline

We have been using RealFlow (Fluid simulation software) quite a lot over the past few months. The software allows you to simulate fluid motion and we have used it to simulate liquid gold, Hydro dams full of water, country streams and magic solid items morphing between shapes.

One of the most handy reference materials a RealFlow artist can have is real world video to reference from. We really love this video – this is how a dog drinks water!

Some interesting fluids reference

Reel Pictures (Melbourne, Australia) is excited to add RealFlow (Next Limit’s award winning fluid simulation software) to our production pipeline.

Here is a quick test we made with the software with some water magically twisting through a ‘D-Spline’ with a vortex.

We add RealFlow to our list of Digital Tools as we embark on a new project – an Abstract 3D animation for the Perth Mint.

The animation will be made up entirely of heavy fluid sims and be presented on a 10 metre 180 degree curved screen. Many exciting months ahead as we delve deeper into RealFlow!

Working with RealFlow at Reel Pictures