Reel Pictures has been offering our expertise in 3D animation and visualisation for over 20 years.

We provide 3D animation and design services for a variety of end uses. We have years of experience working with Agencies and production houses. We also work with clients directly. Our studio can manage projects from Concept through script to final delivery or collaborate with you to work on specific parts of your production pipeline.

Learn more about each of the key services we provide:

TV Commercials

Reel Pictures produces TVCs and other promotional video for broadcast and the web. We specialise in providing post production services including motion graphics, visual effects & 3D animation. We are also able to assist during the production process if VFX supervisors are required on-set or be involved even earlier and take charge of the production process from script to screen.

Corporate Videos

We produce a variety of content for corporate use including animated training videos, promotional & advertising videos, internal company videos, logo animations and more. We can help craft the impressive and detailed animated components of your next big tender / government submission.

Fluid Simulation

We create realistic simulations of oceans, molten gold, Soft drinks and other liquids, fluids & gases. We have the hardware, software and expertise to create fluid simulations of a small or large scale and deliver jaw-dropping fluid animations for your next TVC, Installation or motion-piece.

Permanent Installations

We draw upon our years of experience in the industry to create engrossing and memorable 3D animated content to compliment museum exhibitions or produce 3D animation to use as the centerpiece of your permanent exhibition.

Live Events

We have nearly 30 years experience in live events and live projection and can assist in creating content for any screen size or installation. We can also help in the production and hardware supply of your next live event.

Medical Animation

Reel Pictures can use 3D animation to convey complex medical anatomy or procedures, to re-enact an incident when video footage is unavailable for a court case claim or visualise bio-mechanical structures.

Stereoscopic 3D

We can produce stereoscopic 3D animation or add Stereo3D visual effects to live-action video for many different use including corporate videos, client presentations or permanent exhibitions.


Our studio can create photo-realistic renders of your product before it is made for use in high-resolution print adverts or sales pitches. We can visualise architectural structures off the plan allowing your clients to walk through the space and view them from any angle.

Interactive 3D

We extend our 3D animation capabilities across various technologies and techniques that utilise interactive 3D experiences for websites, tablets and games.

Each of the links above provides detailed information about each of the various services we offer.

We have included case studies that highlight some of some of our recent projects and examples of work in the industry.

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