Boost Juice - Red Royale

3D Animated promotional video

Reel Pictures created 2 explosive 3D Animated promo videos for Boost Juice’s new Black Label smoothies. The first video featured the “Red Royale” and the many ingredients that make up this smoothie.

Boost Red Royale 3D animation by Reel Pictures

We worked on many aspects of this project, creating an initial storyboard & 3D animatic based off the script. We then created 3D assets and worked on the main scene layout. We created a fluid simulation of  each of these ingredients interacting with the main ‘fluid’. The simulation had to go from “realtime” into extreme slow motion which was an interesting challenge. We then worked on the shaders, lighting, rendering and the final composite.

This was a very exciting project!

Date: February 1, 2016

Client: Boost Juice

Category: 3D Animation, Fluid Simulation