Here’s a quick breakdown of a Logo Animation we created for the ‘Dare to Dream’ event. The logo animation was used as a show opener and throughout the event.

The brief was to animate-in the ‘Dear to Dream’ title as falling blocks. The blocks all fall into screen, bouncing on the ground and then finishing in the exact place to create the ‘Dare To Dream’ logo – a feat that would be difficult to achieve if you tried to drop some blocks in real life to replicate the same move! We had to do this in 3D and have the animation of the blocks and their final resolve feel natural.

We achieved this using the Rayfire plugin for 3ds Max. Trying to simulate this effect right off the cuff would have taken far longer because of the many re-sims required. There would be less control of the result as well.

Instead, we simulated all the blocks falling to the ground individually, baked out the sim data of that result and then manually offset the position and rotation of each of the blocks so they appeared to fall into place perfectly.
DCC Tools used: 3ds Max, Rayfire, Vray, After Effects.