Permanent Installations

For over 20 years, Reel Pictures has provided 3D animated and interactive content

for museum exhibitions, public displays and permanent installations.

We work with the project managers, set designers and production companies to create all digital assets as needed for screen, interactivity, print, etc.

We have completed jobs utilizing various multimedia technology including motion sensors, Stereoscopic 3d, touch displays, special glass, etc.

Reel Pictures works on small, medium and large scale jobs, keeping strong client relationships and liaising with museum staff for annual updates or revamps to content, managing the multimedia aspect of a large scale exhibition over many months or years.

A selection of the permanent Installations we’ve worked on:

The Wonder of Gold – Perth Mint

A very exciting project completed in late 2013. Reel Pictures created 3D animated content for a large 12 metre x2 metre wrap-around screen – a key part of the new “Perth Mint Gold Exhibtion” opened in February 2014.

Photograph of the Perth Mint Gold Exhibit

The brief was to personify the wonder of gold in motion.

We were supplied a script and rough storyboards by the client and had free reign in crafting together the abstract animated sequence. We created quite complex ‘liquid gold’ animations and used fluid simulation software in every sequence of the animation. Many of the fluid simulations lasted for longer than 25 seconds without a cut, requiring a lot of technical management of simulation date.

Defence of Darwin Museum

The video above is a short compile of some of the key 3D animated sequences Reel Pictures produced for the ‘Defence of Darwin Experience’ – a 12-minute long film that is the feature-piece in the Defence of Darwin Museum.

The Defence of Darwin Experience - photograph of the installation

The Museum opened February 19, 2012 – the 70th anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin. The Defence of Darwin Experience is a retelling of the Japanese Bombing of Darwin and is presented on a large  9 metre screen using three synchronized video projectors.

Working with various companies to provide animation and interactivity, Reel Pictures was responsible for the creation of all 3D scenes and components in the film. Complex animation was required to recreate bombing of Darwin. photos, quotes, reviews, samples of animation.

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Visit our Reel Pictures portfolio page to find out more about the Defence of Darwin Experience project.

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The Defence of Darwin Museum is currently Darwin’s 2nd most popular tourist attraction on

Click here to visit Trip Advisor’s page and read some testimonials from the General Public (museum’s visitors).

AFL Legends Hall of Fame & Honour Wall

Reel Pictures has had a long ongoing relationship with the National Sports museum. We have created digital content for many of the museum’s exhibits including the fantastic AFL Honour wall and Legends Exhibit.

photo - NSM - Honour wall animation

Many of these exhibits have been maintained and updated yearly with the introduction of new inductees to the hall of fame,  or honour wall. These jobs are always treated with the strictest of confidence as content is prepared well in advance of the announcement.

The above video is a breakdown of the animation content that went in to the Biography of the latest Legend elevated into the Hall of Fame, Royce Hart. A key part of the exhibit are the 2 interactive control booths that allow visitors to select one of the 25 legends and playback a bio video with historical photos and videos. Reel Pictures provided animation and motion graphics for these displays.

Mission to Mars – Victorian Space Science Education Centre

Please note: The above video is available for viewing in Anaglyphic stereoscopic 3d. Red/Blue glasses are required for the 3D effect. 

The video was designed for a 9 metre screen and to be viewed from a distance of over 7 metres. The 3D effect may feel a big ‘weak’ or ‘extreme’ in some sections due to the difference in screen size.

This project is a stereoscopic remake of an existing multimedia installation running 13 minutes which was produced by The Pod Multimedia.

Working with the original assets, we produced a HD version of the 3D animated segments in Stereoscopic 3D . Many 3D set-pieces were created from scratch where previous work was not available.

Champions: Thoroughbred Racing Gallery

Reel Pictures created the Racing Origins video for a new permanent gallery at the national Sports Museum.

Champions: Thoroughbred Racing Gallery is dedicated to Australia’s horse racing history and it’s importance around the country and the globe.

Racing Origins Display at he Thoroughbred Racing Gallery - NSM

The gallery includes many extremely important horesracing artifiacts and treasures. The video above is an excerpt of the Racing Origins display – an animated retelling of Australia’s horseracing roots using photographs and real artifacts from the time. This exhibit plays back in a loop and has no sound. The excerpt above contains a segment of the video with a music backing track.

You can find out more about the fantastic Thoroughbred Racing Gallery at the NSM website. 

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