Fluid Simulations & Liquid effects

Whenever you need liquid animations / fluid simulations in your project, think of Reel Pictures, Melbourne.

Reel Pictures provides small, medium and large-scale Fluid sims / animated liquids for a variety of end uses.

Fluid simulation / Liquid animation is a highly technical but very effective tool for spicing up product shots in TVCs, logo animations, permanent installations, logo animations, content for awards nights, projection mapping, corporate videos, promotional trailers and more.

Our first RealFlow Showreel

We are proud to present our first RealFlow Reel featuring the projects we’ve worked on since picking up the software package in Mid-2013.

Key projects showcased are the ‘Wonder of Gold’ permanent installation at the Perth Mint (Opened February 2014) and a series of animations created for AMTEK.

We animate all types of liquids and fluids – beer, milk, water, molten gold, honey, chocolate, paint, soft-drink, blood…we can do it all.

We create “magic” effects where liquids morph into solid shapes and vise-versa, or when 1 object transforms into another. We can mix fluid simulation with rigid-body dynamics and soft-body cloth simulations. We produce large-scale ocean animations, shorelines on beaches and much more. 

Reel Pictures is Located in the Docklands Cotton Mills, Melbourne.

We have set-up a robust fluid simulation pipeline that can scale depending on project size/deadline and can work on projects remotely or locally.

We can handle fluid simulations of various sizes or can assist in certain aspects of fluid simulation such as scene setup, meshing, fluid material creation, rendering and compositing.

Fluid simulation – small and large scale

RealFlow Liquid Gold Animation - Still Frame
We have invested many hours into the Realflow software and are well-versed in the RealFlow production pipeline for smaller FLIP fluid simulations or large-scale simulations using Hybrido.

Data transfer

RealFlow Liquid Gold Animation - Still Frame
Large-scale fluid simulations can be many terabytes in filesize. We can provide simulation data via FTP or Courier across the data phyiscally on Hard-drive. We can also handle the simulation, meshing and rendering of the project and simply supply you with the rendered images ready for editing/final output.


We have used RealFlow simulations in a variety of projects including:

The Wonder of Gold

Reel Pictures produced over 4 minutes of 3d animation for the Wonder of Gold installation which was unveiled at the Perth Mint in February 2014. The 3D animated content was designed for a large 12×1.8 metre wrap-around screen and involved many different RealFlow simulations, some simulations running continuously over 30 seconds long.


RealFlow Liquid Gold Animation - Still Frame RealFlow Liquid Gold Animation - Still Frame RealFlow Liquid Gold Animation - Still Frame RealFlow Liquid Gold Animation - Still Frame

A series of animated videos created for Amtek that required many different types of fluid simulations. Very diverse, very varied and very fun!

RealFlow community

We are proud to be members of the very passionate, talented and generous RealFlow community and strive to be an active part of the community and give back.

We have began adding some tutorials and technical examples related to RealFlow and fluid simulation. Below is our first tutorial focused on the ‘DSpline Daemon’.

Check out our Reel Pictures YouTube channel for more RealFlow tutorials and examples!

We have put together a text version of the tutorial above, available here on our site.

We are also active in the official and un-official RealFlow forums. We are always interested in hearing from RealFlow artists in Melbourne. Get in touch with us today and say hello!

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