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We put together a video overview of a 3D Animation we worked on for a permanent installation at the Perth Mint in Western Australia. The project is called The Wonder of Gold – a 10 minute 3D animated film displayed on a 12 metre x 1.8 metre wrap-around screen in one of the Mint’s new exhibits.

Check out the tutorial (video and text versions) by following this link!

New Tutorial and Project Overview – RealFlow Dspline

We have been using RealFlow (Fluid simulation software) quite a lot over the past few months. The software allows you to simulate fluid motion and we have used it to simulate liquid gold, Hydro dams full of water, country streams and magic solid items morphing between shapes.

One of the most handy reference materials a RealFlow artist can have is real world video to reference from. We really love this video – this is how a dog drinks water!

Some interesting fluids reference

Here’s a behind the scenes look of a Swisse Ultivites TVC filmed for Australia’s Got Talent. Reel Pictures provided post-production services for the TVC and this video gives a breakdown of the many elements that went into each shot.

Swisse ambassador Timomatic was shot against a greenscreen at Premier studios, Melbourne. The basic compositing process from bottom to top was:

-Color Keying / Greenscreen removal (4 passes to preserve edges, shadows, etc)
-Marker removal (Removing tracker markers stuck on the greenscreen)
-3D Camera tracking (as required)
-3D Set creation (A dark gradient syke/endless background)
-Shadows and reflections (Integrating Timomatic with 3D Set)
-Laser lights (4-10 different lights as needed)
-Atmosphere (Smoke, Simulated Fog machine)
-Lens Flares
-Final composite & color grade

Music Credit: Timomatic
Agency: Noisy Beast
Production Company: Powerhouse Productions

VFX Breakdown – Timomatic Swisse TVC

Here’s a quick breakdown of a Logo Animation we created for the ‘Dare to Dream’ event. The logo animation was used as a show opener and throughout the event.

The brief was to animate-in the ‘Dear to Dream’ title as falling blocks. The blocks all fall into screen, bouncing on the ground and then finishing in the exact place to create the ‘Dare To Dream’ logo – a feat that would be difficult to achieve if you tried to drop some blocks in real life to replicate the same move! We had to do this in 3D and have the animation of the blocks and their final resolve feel natural.

We achieved this using the Rayfire plugin for 3ds Max. Trying to simulate this effect right off the cuff would have taken far longer because of the many re-sims required. There would be less control of the result as well.

Instead, we simulated all the blocks falling to the ground individually, baked out the sim data of that result and then manually offset the position and rotation of each of the blocks so they appeared to fall into place perfectly.
DCC Tools used: 3ds Max, Rayfire, Vray, After Effects.

Breakdown – ‘Dare to Dream’ Logo Animation

Reel Pictures (Melbourne, Australia) is excited to add RealFlow (Next Limit’s award winning fluid simulation software) to our production pipeline.

Here is a quick test we made with the software with some water magically twisting through a ‘D-Spline’ with a vortex.

We add RealFlow to our list of Digital Tools as we embark on a new project – an Abstract 3D animation for the Perth Mint.

The animation will be made up entirely of heavy fluid sims and be presented on a 10 metre 180 degree curved screen. Many exciting months ahead as we delve deeper into RealFlow!

Working with RealFlow at Reel Pictures

Every IP student that has ever worked at Reel Pictures has been involved in putting one of these together.

Reel Pictures partners with a nearby school and runs a yearly video production class with a selection of top year 5 & 6 students. Over 2 terms, the students take part in the production process from concept all the way through to final post production. The video is then shown at the final year school assembly.

We made one every year to help the school and for some real fun. Sam Van Ingen was the IP student who worked on this one.

Re@ct 2011 student video production

One of our recent animated videos made for GEO Australia. GEO administers prisons Australia-wide & overseas.

Health and Safety is taken very seriously by the industry but these sort of programs are often very dry. GEO gave us free reign with this project and trusted us to come up with a style which hopefully is more engaging than the standard Health and Safety Video.

The animated video was created with 3D Studio Max and After Effects. We used the ‘State Sets’ feature to form a dynamic link between 3ds Max and After Effects so assets like cameras and lights were shared between the 2 programs. For some of the Text animations we relied on the new ‘Newton 2’ plugin for After Effects – an extremely fun 2D Physics simulator.

GEO – Health and Safety in the workplace – Motion Graphics video

There are currently 25 AFL Legends featured in the AFL hall of Fame – a key exhibit at the National Sports Museum which is housed at the famous MCG in Melbourne.
Reel Pictures was responsible for creating the multimedia content for the Sporting Hall of Fame when it opened at the Museum in 2007 and has updated the Hall of Fame with every new Sporting Legend inductee.

This video is a breakdown of the animation content that went in to the Biography of the latest Legend elevated into the Hall of Fame, Royce Hart.

Royce Hart – AFL Legend Animation

Reel Pictures created and then destroyed a plastic chair with a cricket ball for Underwork’s recent “All Day Socks” TVC.

We constructed the main chair backing and then ‘fired’ a CG Cricket ball through the chair at a speed of 80km/hr. We then slowed down the flow of time to less than 1/500th of its original speed for our final composite.

Our main DCC tools used in this sequence were Autodesk 3DS Max, Rayfire tool and Vray 2.4. We were lucky enough to utilise the new RFCache system for Rayfire 1.6 in order to slow down time in the chair destruction sequence. The RFCache system can interpolate between frames, allowing you to slow down the destruction as much as you want.

View the final TVC here:…

VFX Breakdown – Underworks David Warner TVC