TVCs & Broadcast

A major part of our work is for television and the cable television markets, both local and international.

With over 20 years broadcast experience in concepting through to animation and effects compositing, Reel Pictures provides animation services for television commercials and other promotional videos for broadcast, cinema and the web.

We are your one-stop Post production specialists

If you need post-production done on your commercial, or are looking to form a working relationship for post-production on all your broadcast media, Reel Pictures can assist in Motion Graphics, visual FX, digital retouching, greenscreen/Chromakey, compositing, rotoscoping, 3D animation and finishing.

Reel Pictures also provides full-service broadcast creation

We can also assist earlier in the production process and help with concepting, creating a script for screen, storyboarding and pre-visualisation. We can provide consulting services in the leadup to a complicated shoot and attend if VFX supervisors are required on-set. We work with a network of video production experts who can cover location, talents, lighting, film, permits etc. Reel Pictures can also organise voiceover  and soundtrack, CAD and Dubsat approval.

Whether you require specific post-production services or need a full-service TVC created from scratch, Reel Pictures has the expertise to get your project to screen.

Digital Retouching and Post Production – Compilation

A short showreel of the Post-production and digital re-touching work we have completed for various TVCs.

Our post production work includes motion graphics, visual effects and video retouching. Tasks include Sky Replacements, talent touchups and blemish removals, removing logos and replacing signs. We also do a lot of set cleanup – removing tyremarks and gear left behind by filming equipment/production crew. Lots of compositing including Greenscreen/Chroma Keying, Rotoscoping/Matte creation, camera tracking, 3d Animation and compositing.

A selection of TVCs

Here is a collection of some of the TVCs we have worked on:

Swisse – Ultivites with Timomatic

1 in a series of 4 TVCs featuring Swisse ambassador Timomatic.
Reel Pictures provided post-production services for these Ads. Working tightly with the Agency, we provided on-Set visualFX supervisation during the shoot. Our post production tasks included green screen removal, rotoscoping, camera tracking / 3D matchmove, 3D set replacement, motion graphics, Compositing and final creative finishing.

The video above gives a breakdown of one of the shots in the Timomatic Ultivites TVC.

Stringer Clark Lawyers

Reel Pictures was involved in End-to-end production of this TVC.
Working from the original script, we provided storyboards, voiceover, animation, music/sound effects and then DubSAT, CAD submission/approval for broadcast.

All Day Socks

Reel Pictures provided 3D animation, VFX and compositing services for a recent All Day Socks TVC. We were responsible for the ‘chair shatter’ scene where David Warner hits the ball through one of the bleachers. We worked on-set before and during the shoot, and provided Visual Effects and compositing. We supplied the final  composited frames for creative finishing by the client.

Tony Robinson’s “London Games Unearthed”

The video above shows 3 sections from Tony Robinson’s “London Games Unearthed” – a 60-minute documentary of East London’s History and the construction of the Olympic park in the lead-up to the 2012 Olympic games.

Reel Pictures was contracted by WTFN entertainment Australia to create and animate a 3D model of the 13 metre high Greek statue of Zeus, one of the ancient 7 wonders of the world.

The 3D animated statue was featured in a few sections of the documentary. It was composited with live action footage of Tony Robinson and needed to be crumbled into thousands of tiny pieces when the statue was eventually destroyed by the Romans.

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Whether you require specific post-production services or need a full-service TVC created from scratch, Reel Pictures has the expertise to get your project to screen.

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