Stereoscopic 3d Animation

We combine our expertise in 3D visualisation with Stereo3D technology

We can produce stereoscopic 3D animation or add Stereo3D visual effects

to live-action video for many different use including corporate videos, client presentations, large space projection, live events, trade shows or permanent exhibitions.

A selection of Stereo3d animations we’ve worked on:

Kraft Australia – 4 Sub-brand videos

Please note: The above video is available for viewing in stereoscopic 3d.

The YouTube player above gives you the option to view the video in a variety of Stereoscopic 3D formats depending on the type of 3D glasses you have and/or display hardware.

A series of 4 Stereoscopic 3D videos that were created for a Kraft global trade show in Singapore. These were presented on a large TV panel and active-shutter glasses were required to view the animations.

Stereoscopic 3D technology was used as a point of difference on the busy trade show floor. The design approach used (floating graphics and text supers) was chosen to make maximum use of the Stereoscopic technique – the products appeared to be ‘jumping out’ of the screen when viewed with the 3d glasses.

It was a huge success and was the most popular stand over the two day show. Each of the 4 videos shared a consistent design style and approach to their animation. We prepared the visual style and storyboards. Script, voice-over and sound were provided by client.

The 4 brand videos can be viewed individually in 2D mode in the Reel Pictures Portfolio – Craft Brand videos page.

Mission to Mars – Victorian Space Science Education Centre

Please note: The above video is available for viewing in Anaglphic stereoscopic 3d. Red/Blue glasses are required for the 3D effect. 

The video was designed for a 9 metre screen and to be viewed from a distance of over 7 metres. The 3D effect may feel a big ‘weak’ or ‘extreme’ in some sections due to the difference in screen size.

This project is a stereoscopic remake of an existing multimedia installation running 13 minutes which was produced by The Pod Multimedia.

Working with the original assets, we produced a HD version of the 3D animated segments in Stereoscopic 3D . Many 3D setpieces were created from scratch where previous work was not available.


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