Mission to Mars Stereoscopic 3D Animation

Reel Pictures helped create 3D animated content for the “Mission to Mars” program at the VSSEC. All content was to be delivered in Stereoscopic 3D and designed for projection on a 6.5 metre-wide screen.

The Mission to Mars is a daylong space science experience for Year 9 and 10 students. Students work as a team and use all their problem solving skills to successfully complete their Mission. During the day all students act as Astronauts, Mission Controllers and Research Scientists.

The video preview on this page is a cut-down version of the 11 minute long program, showcasing the Earth Launch sequence. In the actual application the video is screened in Passive 3D. This version is stereo anaglyphic and you will need Red/Blue glasses to view the 3D properly.

Not all shots in the final sequence are in stereo as some of the space shots where supplied.
The scenes that are in Stereo were created by in 3D Max and composited in After Effects using our self-developed Stereo3D pipeline.


Date: 2012 Client: Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) Skills: 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Stereoscopic 3D Website: www.vssec.vic.edu.au/student-programs/year-9-programs/mission-to-mars/