Kraft Australia – Brand videos

A series of four videos that were created for a Kraft global trade show in Singapore.
These videos were created in Stereoscopic 3D – 3D Glasses (active shutter technology) were required to view the animations and were handed to visitors at the tradebooth. Stereoscopic 3D technology was used as a point of difference on the busy trade show floor. This was at the beginning of the stereoscopic 3D resurgence. The design approach used (floating graphics) was chosen to make use of the Stereoscopic technique – the products appeared to be ‘jumping out’ of the screen when viewed with the 3d glasses.

Each of the 4 videos below shared a consistent design style and approach to their animation. We prepared the visual style and storyboards. Script, voice-over and sound were provided by client.

The 4 videos were used to introduce each Kraft brand during a live presentation. We also created transitions to bridge between each presenter. There is a ‘learnings’ section between each of the 4 videos. During this section, playback would pause while the presenter took the stage and handled a dialog with the audience.

Please note:

The above video is available for viewing in stereoscopic 3d. The YouTube player above gives you the option to view the video in a variety of Stereoscopic 3D formats depending on the type of 3D glasses you have and/or display hardware.

The below videos are available for viewing without 3D glasses. We have also split the animation into 4 separate videos available below in standard ‘2D’ mode. 3D glasses are not required and they will not display in stereo3D.

One Smart Cookie (Oreo):

Paint Australia Red (Vegemite):

Operation purple cow (Cadbury):

Thank the heavens (Philadelphia cheese):

Skills: 3D Animation, Corporate, Stereoscopic 3D