Timomatic - X-Factor

Television Commercial for Swisse

This is one of a series of TVCs produced with Powerhouse Productions for Swisse. This set of 4 commercials featured the Australian singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer & choreographer Timomatic. Reel Pictures was responsible for post-work on these Ads which included chroma keying, lights, lasers, atmosphere, Pack shots & Supers.

timomatic x factor motion graphics

Timomatic was filmed on a greenscreen set and the entire background was added in post. Using the tracking markers we were able to recreate the entire set in 3D space. This way, we could place the laser & stage lights, atmospheric effects and lens flares in actual xyz coordinates. The animation of all of these elements was then consistent & correct as the Ads cut between close-up/roving & wide cameras.

Date: September 8, 2013

Client: Swisse Wellness

Category: Broadcast & TVCs, Motion Graphics