4 Cel Animated ads for Cadbury Freddo – 2003

A Blast From the Past

We have recently added 4 Cel animated ads to the Reel Pictures portfolio. These ads were completed in 2003.
The ads were shown mainly in theatres around Australia. Concept and cel animation was done by John Skibinski & Creative Animation.
Reel Pictures created many of the elements (Such as the background ferris wheel, merry-go-round, soccer stadium, etc) and other visual effects (including particles) in 3DS Max.

We then composited everything in After Effects. The final 4 ads were mastered on an inferno machine at Iloura.

Click any of the thumbnails below to view the complete ad.

Freddo TVC – Library

Freddo TVC – Fairground

Freddo TVC – Bushwalk

(There are a few early animation sketches, stills and renders at the end of this ad)

Freddo TVC – Soccer